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5 Sterling Earrings that are Trendy in 2021

Out of all the jewelry pieces a woman owns, earrings are what she owns like a queen. This is one kind of jewellery which is not only bought by women but also men. As per the latest stats, silver earrings in Singapore and worldwide are the most shopped jewellery pieces, and there's no stopping it now. With so many options to look at, it is only human to make sure one of your favorite jewellery is on point!

It is often said that her earrings reflect her personality, character, and mood. So, make sure you stock the trendiest sterling silver earrings in Singapore this year if you haven't. Don't forget to check on the latest fashion trends to ace your look every time you step out in 2021.

Keep it simple with sterling silver studs

Never give a second thought while wearing simple stud if you don't have the time or are confused while making the best pick. They always have your back, and you won't ever be disappointed either you wear them at work or for an informal occasion.

Feel like a Diva with Climbers

This particular piece is a small dramatic earring that accentuates your ears, and nobody who sees you can miss looking at them. As the name suggests, they climb upwards to cover and enhance the look of your ears.

Make a fashion statement Ear Pins

Ear pins are an absolute favorite for a minimalist jewellery lover. They might appear to be one sleek sterling silver line but have the power to make you look confident and sophisticated at the same time.

Cross Earrings

They are a hot classic that has never gone out of style since the '80s. It has been delightfully adopted by even men and not only restricted to women as a trend.

Be a perfect mismatch

A mismatch sterling earring may sound like a little experimental, but it is an absolute head turner. It may include a mismatch of asymmetrical shapes or a mismatch of the stones to make them stand out from the other set of earrings.

Next time, don't just buy silver earrings in Singapore but make sure to buy the latest fashion trends of 2021!

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