AYMÉE. Old French (Latin). “Dearly Loved.”

AYMÉE is a bold brand passionate about crafting petite, Stylish 18K Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver Jewellery that’s unapologetically feminine and always on-trend. AYMÉE is more than just a brand. She’s a living, breathing force of love, here to inspire you to embrace the greatest love of all – for the one you see in the mirror.

When you buy from AYMÉE, you invest in quality jewellery that will never let you down. Because it’s more than just accessories to Aymée. It’s a true reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and why.

AYMÉE Jewellery is chic, trendy, and easy to buy online – at a price all women can afford.

Dare to love yourself with Aymée.



AYMÉE is a brand owned and operated by ALARY INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.