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5 Incredible ways you can style an ear cuff without worrying about piercing

One of the trendiest jewellery pieces that every woman out there is trying is the ear cuff. They come in varied styles, designs, and colours that every woman can find one that signifies her style. Although the trend has evolved, these beautiful jewellery pieces find their roots back in history as well. Remember Marylin Monroe flaunting the crystal ear cuffs?

When we say ear cuffs in Singapore are for every woman, we mean it! Even if you don't have piercings and still want to try this chicest trend, you are in for a treat! There are different ways in which you can flaunt your ear cuffs without having to worry about piercing. Let's dig deeper and find out various ways to wear the ear cuffs:

Five incredible ways to style the Ear Cuff

Bought your favourite ear cuff in Singapore? Here’s how you can style them!

Over the Top

Covering the whole ear, over the top ear cuffs are for creating a bold look! If you like the massive show-off in your fashion sense, these are meant just for you! you won’t need multiple piercings as the design is such that one would be enough

Ear Jacket

Minimal look for the boss ladies who always stick the class. A stud in front and the jacket cuff that sneaks from behind mark another way you can wear your ear cuff.

Helix Ear Cuff

It is for those who don’t have piercings but wish to create the illusion of it. Helix ear cuffs give an ultimate bohemian look with multiple rings covering the major part of your ears.

Pair them up

The best part about an ear cuff in Singapore is that doesn’t require piercings and you can easily mix and match it with any outfit. Wear multiple ear cuffs and create a unique style statement to make the heads turn!

Dangling Cuff

Love danglers but want to wear the cuffs as well? There’s nothing that you can’t do with the apt ear cuffs. Get the ones with dangling chains paired with a helix cuff to get the chic look.

There are endless ways in which you can flaunt your ear cuff. Buy your favourite ear cuff in Singapore from a trusted seller, figure out a way that best suits your style and you are all set to spread the sass!

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