18K Rose Gold Vermeil Two Layer Ring

SKU: SR03147R-1

$87 SGD

18K Rose Gold Vermeil Two Layer Ring 

Add a touch of charm to your style with our stunning 18K Vermeil Layered Ring! This piece of jewelry is the epitome of elegance, with a unique character that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you prefer to wear it as a statement piece or pair it with other rings for a trendy look, this ring is perfect for any occasion. So, elevate your style game with this lovely piece today!

Collection: Audrey

Color: Rose

Material: 18K Rose Gold Vermeil Two Layer Ring 

Vermeil (noun) "vehr·may" Is a thick layer of 18K Solid Gold on Sterling Silver meaning it will last long. A Unique Blend of High Quality, Precious metal, without the hefty price tag. Put simply, 18K Gold Vermeil gives you the best quality for the best price.

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