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Jewellery Wearing Rules That Will Make You Look Fashionista!

Most women have a considerably huge collection of jewellery pieces, but they do not make the most out of it. It happens because they do not have an idea about using their jewellery pieces to nail the ultimate fashionista look. The good news is that we are here to help you sail through the situation with our expert jewellery styling rules.

Jewellery wearing rules to nail the fashionista look

Pick the right metal

Picking up the apt metal type is inevitable. You can choose popular metal options like the sterling silver necklace in Singapore and the gold-plated silver earrings. Invest in something that looks fabulous on you, goes perfectly with your skin tone, and does not look tacky at all.

Attention to those Ears

Earrings can help enhance your personality effortlessly. Make sure you choose ear cuffs, ear climbers, and the mismatched earring set to live up to the gorgeous fashionista standard. These trends will never let you look old-school or boring and will always help you grab all the attention in the world.  

What’s trending

You should always search and invest in items that are popular and in trend. In addition to that whatever you buy should complement your personality. Yes, it might get a little challenging to find something that caters to both fashion and comfort, but it is possible still. If mismatched earrings are not your style, you can always go for the ear cuffs. Moreover, if ear cuffs are also not something that you can resonate with, get some Danglers!

Stack them up

Just one finger ring? Naah! That is not something a fashionista would do. Wear multiple earrings and stack them in one finger to get a unique fashion statement. You can do the same with bracelets and sterling silver necklace in Singapore!

Other than this, make sure you get multiple earrings and a sterling silver necklace in Singapore. This way, you can change them frequently to keep the charm of your everyday look intact. So, dig into your jewellery collection and make a schedule of what you will be wearing when. Keep in mind the outfits that you will be wearing. Additionally, what hairstyle you keep because a fashionista always pays attention to the details!

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