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How to Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry on a Trip? Here are Some Tips!

Trips are fun, and even though it is all about exploring the new place but not to forget there are going to be a lot of pictures! Speaking of which, some sterling silver earrings from Singapore’s best sellers can help you look your best. The best part about sterling silver jewellery is that you can find plenty of minimalists, lightweight designs to keep the look subtle and classy!

As you pack your jewelry for the next trip, keep in mind that it needs special care. It starts right from the time you pack till your wear, remove and store them again! We have gathered some care tips that can prove beneficial to keep your sterling silver earrings from Singapore and the rest of the jewellery safe!

Tips to take care of your sterling silver jewellery

Pack Separately

If you generally just put all your jewellery together in a box and pack, understand that it doesn’t apply to sterling silver jewellery. Keep a separate pouch for each piece of jewellery, ensuring no two pieces come in direct contact with each other.

Wearing Guide

As you dress up to go out, do not wear your jewellery until you are completely ready. Do all the makeup, spray the perfume first and keep jewellery as the last step. It will save your jewellery from the sprays and other products that might eventually deteriorate the metal.

Care Tips

There are few things that you need to be careful about when you wear your sterling silver jewellery. Make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any harmful chemicals that might affect its shine. The next thing is to never sleep with your jewelry on as these are delicate pieces and need utmost care.

After Pack

Packing the jewellery after you remove it at the end of the day needs to be in a proper way. First thing first, remove it gently and keep every piece separate. Make sure you pack them in different pouches, preferably the ones they came in!

With these care tips in mind, you can look your best, flaunt your jewellery and keep your sterling silver earrings from Singapore in the best condition!

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