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Express your love from a distance - perfect gift ideas for her!

Gifts light up the mood and convey the feelings most beautifully. Especially if you give the right thing to the right people, the feeling is unmatchable. If you are away from your love and struggling to find gift ideas in Singapore, there is nothing better than sending a beautiful jewellery piece across! Jewellery and women are synonyms to each other, and we are yet to find a woman who would not fall in awe with a jewellery piece.

However, to send your message across beautifully, you need to send the right jewellery piece. Speaking of right, there is nothing that matches the charm of sterling silver jewellery. There are so many options available that you do not need to look further for gift ideas in Singapore:

Perfect gift ideas for her? Nothing better than Jewellery!

Charm bracelet

Pretty chain bracelets with beautiful charms in them make up for a gorgeous gift. You can add the heart charms into it to give it all the more love feels. Moreover, the beautiful charms can also depend upon the personality. A bracelet that remains in front of her eye all day long will sure remind her of you and bring a smile.

Layered Necklace

If she is a fashion diva, nothing can allure her more than a layered necklace. It allows her to wear it in multiple ways, creating different style statements. Well, you know the best part? Charms can get added to these chains to make them even more personalised. On top of that, it's sterling silver, which has a unique, uplifting vibe to it.


There can not be anything better than those blingy studs that bring the shine in her eyes. You must spend some time doing the research and find the best pair in studs or let her make the heads turn with chain danglers that highlight her poise.


Considering the preference of your lady, choose a jewellery piece that would make her fall in love all over again. It is one of the best gift ideas in Singapore and all over the world. However, make sure you buy original jewellery and look closely for the authenticity factor to make sure it stays with her forever as the best memory!

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